Monday, 21 February 2011

Favourite Brands 1 - Blafre

Over the next few weeks I'll be blogging about the brands we sell on our website, each one was picked for a reason and I'd like to share these little things with everyone so you find out more about us and our business!

I'd like to start with Blafre

Blafre is a family company based in Oslo the capital of the beautiful Norway, owned by Ingrid and Remi, they are inspired by the 1970's and their daughter Nora. Ingrid designs the products and Remi runs the company!

As soon as I came across Blafre I fell in love with their bright colours and retro style, they really stand out and I could imagine my son Alfie walking to school with one of their tins as a lunch box. Especially the robot one as he's always sticking a box on his head and pretending to be a robot!


Not only are their products retro funkiness, they are extremely good quality and try to be eco-friendly where possible. Their drinking bottles can even be recycled and always BPA free.

As you can tell from our website their tins and drinking bottles are our favourite as that is all we stock at the moment but Blafe have lots more to offer. They make greeting cards, colouring books, fabric, art prints, calendars, notebooks, party invitations, thermos flasks, wrapping paper, aprons, baby bibs, linen, buntings, cushions and of course their tins in different sizes all to match in their retro design.

We picked these ones to stock and have the bottle to match too!


They are available to buy on our Cutie & Cheeky website

Tins are £12 and Bottles £13

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