Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Favourite Brands 2 - Moulin Roty

This week we would like to share Moulin Roty and introduce you to La Grande Famille and Les Zazous!

Moulin Roty are a French company who make the most gorgeous, high quality, plush soft toys, puppets and traditional wooden toys. They have a huge selection, too many to choose from so after lots of deliberating we chose La Grande Famille and Les Zazous to stock in our shop.

La Grande Famille (Big Happy Family)

Included in this family is Sylvain the rabbit, Nini the mouse, Julius the dog, Arsene the squirrel, Felicie the hen, Jeanne the goose, Apolline the mole, Albert the lamb, Igor the wolf, Amedee the duck, Mimosa the cat, Barnabe the donkey, Perlette the frog and Emile the hedgehog.

This collection of wonderful well dressed soft toy animals are perfect childhood gifts, I still have one similar that my Nan bought for me when I was 18 months old! They have the most distinctive facial features, soft bodies and long limbs which makes them extremely huggable. They can be dressed and un-dressed and another bonus is they are safe from birth and machine washable so great newborn gifts.

We also stock a selection of La Grande Famille hand puppets which babies and children love! They can also be dressed and re-dressed,

If Albert the lamb is your favourite, hurry to adopt him as we only have 1 left in stock until we order some more!

All can be purchased on our website here..

Les Zazous

These very cute and cuddly soft toys are a big favourite, they come in their own special 'drum' style box so are great to give as a gift.

Les Zazous are a family of long-legged soft cuddly creatures, they all have soft fur and different designs on their tummy's and paws. They are also machine washable which is handy!

Come and meet Baba the Kaola, Taptap the rabbit, Zouzou the mouse, Groou the lion and Brrouuu the elephant.